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France “40 Years ANPEIP”: Symposium/Seminar on 10 & 11 November 2011 in Nice (France): Join us! 19 octobre 2011 0

Our member Monique Binda has informed us about this outstanding conference, when we last met in the executive bureau. Get details on:

World Council Prague 2011: Symposium “From Gift to Talent” (Speakers: Brunault, Bertschi, Alonso, d’Hondt): For a better mutual Understanding! 18 octobre 2011 0

Eurotalent had prepared a lot of inputs and multi-lingual tables (definitions in ENG FRA SPA GER ITA) for a broad discussion with the worldwide participants. Unfortunately, we were only assigned two “presentation-slots” i.e. 50 minutes. Nevertheless, there was a good, fruitful and semantically intense discussion of the concepts and terms from the starting point (gift/potential), via the evelopment phase (chrestic functions!) on to the final goal (talent, high performance).