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Activities 2014 of Eurotalent 9 février 2014 0

Increase the rate of « Newsletters » with contributions from members across Europe (followed by direct contacts between those interested). Several supplements and « Growth » of our website, including more news and enlarging the protected section for members. This allows them to go for synergies and direct contacts with fellow organizations. In addition to this, presence and active participation in the circle of INGOs of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Address fundamental topics of interest in the scientific council. As a new main topic: the integration of young gifted individuals in the world of labour and economy. Finally: start the first preparations for the World Congress 2015 in Odense (DEN).

About us … 0

Eurotalent is a federation. This means that we are primarily responsible for European supra-national interests, as well as the coordination and exchange among our member associations. Therefore, only the member associations (called active members), and not the  individual members (known as affiliate members) or even corresponding members have the right to vote in the General Assembly. Each member association has the right to designate up to three members to the board. The board chooses from among its members – by secret ballot – the president and the members of the Executive Committee, in compliance with the statutes. Current member fees: € 75 for member associations, € 30 for individual members.

EU Initiative of « MEET » deserves Your Full Support! 17 février 2013 0

2013 sees the launch of the EU-wide campaign to gather a million signatures for a High Quality European Education for All.

MEET, the Movement towards a European Education Trust, submitted a European Citizens Initiative using new powers under the EU’s Lisbon Treaty which give citizens the right to demand new laws directly from the European Commission – provided they can gather enough signatures.

The MEET proposal is the eighth officially registered European Citizens’ Initiative. It calls for the creation of an Education platform to stimulate debate on how to improve schools and boost the European dimension of education in line with the EU’s 2020 strategy. “Europe’s future depends on Education, how to educate citizens, how they learn. Common education goals reflecting European basic values should be at the heart of a solution to today’s challenges,” says Ana Gorey, President of MEET.

See all on! – you can sign the petition following this link

General Assembly 2013 / Results & Projects 0

On 9 February 2013, the GA of EUROTALENT in Paris « under the Arc de Triomphe » made clear that our federation EUROTALENT has adopted its strategy to provide high quality services in the first place for its member associations with success. The President noted with pride that EUROTALENT has excellent relations with the countries in the (far) East and those in South America. Engagement in favour of « Old Europe » does not mean not to seek exchange with the whole world, including the United States and Asia.

Results & Projects 1: The popular NEWSLETTERS (for paying members; internal section of the site) will be strengthened – 3 editions per year, regularly published on 1st of  February, 1st of  June and 1st of  October. Know what is happening in the world of the Gifted & Talented (G&T)!

Results & Projects 2: The AG of 2013 decided to open the site for quality offers of « breaks & holiday courses for G&T » – thus providing a service to the parents concerned. The executive committee will be responsible for the contents (in line with our goals & values!).

Results & Projects 3: The members in charge of EUROTALENT are little known in Europe. This is why our federation will publish pictures & functions of these personalities on its site to better approach the public.

Results & Projects 4: EUROTALENT works frequently with the model ‘Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent 2.0’ (the DMGT 2.0) of its scientific committee member, Françoys Gagné from Canada. It describes (our point of view: better than others) very carefully and well differentiating the fragility of talent development, enbedded in a complex context. EUROTALENT will publish the DMGT 2.0 – step by step – in 5 languages ​​on its website.

General Assembly 2012 – results & projects 30 janvier 2012 0

On January 28, 2012, the GA of Eurotalent took place in Paris – near Arc de Triomphe – in an atmosphere of intense and cooperative discussion. The GA adopted a strategy to provide its high quality services primarily in favour of its paying member-associations (eg. by creating an internal section for them on the website), and at the same time to keep abreast and inform the  correspondants of Eurotalent – thus pursuing its statutory objectives.

Projects for 2012 ff.: Project 1: « To let define & describe a number of terms  of importance by G&T children from adherent countries of Eurotalent; Project 2: » Begin to establish a ‘Eurotalent library’ with pieces of research done by member-associationjs on G&T questions »; Project 3: » Cooperation & exchange among members referring to the issue of « G&T children and depression ‘, perhaps even initiating a research in this subject conducted by  Eurotalent members. «