Juan Antonio Alonso, President of Eurotalent      Dear friends,

I have the pleasure of chairing Eurotalent according to the January elections in Paris, and I hope that together we achieve the goals Eurotalent established almost three decades ago: the Investigation, the Information/awareness, the Training, the Education, the Publications and the Conferences/scientific Meetings.

It would be welcome to remember the common goals for which we need to combine our energies:

* Help in detection and identification the giftedness and its high potential.
* Promote and foment the actions of theoretical and applied investigation.
* Clarify the debate in order to abandon the myth of the little prodigy, emphasizing in the complexity and fragility of these precocious children and teens, gifted and talented.
* Promote the training (for the responsible of teaching, psychologist, parents, specialist, social workers...).
* Promote an integral development of each student regarding to their special educational needs.
* Work in the identification with the expansion of the techniques, tools and procedures needed in order to ensure that all the students have the same opportunities to be identified and, of course, to be educated with programs according to their needs.
* Foment the publication of documents, materials and different instruments relevant in this field.
* Organize conferences or support the organization of symposium, scientific meetings, youth meetings, and so on.
* Promote, in the national states, the legislative and executive establishment of the adequate educational disposals.
* Develop exchanges between the international and national associations about this topic.
* Maintain the relationships with other European institutions for accomplish the necessary actions: European Parliament, European Commission, and so on.
* Establish working relationships with other non governmental organizations.

I know that these objectives are ambitious, but they are also exciting and a challenge for those who believe in a better education for all the students including in the same way the gifted and talented students.

Juan A. Alonso, Ph.D.
President of Eurotalent

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Summer course in Valladolid (July 2017) 25 février 2017 0

Summer course in Valladolid, organized by « Centro huerta del rey » :

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Summer course in Valladolid (3rd – 14th July 2017) :


For any question or information :
Website : www.centrohuertadelrey.com
Tél. : +34 983 341 382

Countries’ structures development, public relations, sponsorship 8 octobre 2016 0

We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Sabine JONES in Eurotalent, as head of Countries’ structures development, public relations, sponsorship.

E-mail :

Tel. : +43 664 73 92 24 58

Eurotalent: Elections 2016-2017 15 février 2016 0

At its General Assembly of January 2016 in Paris, the Federation Eurotalent has elected the Executive Committee for 2016 and 2017: President: Juan Antonio Alonso, Valladolid (ESP), Secretary General: Mohammed Derghal, Strasbourg (FRA), Treasurer: Maurice Abergel, Paris (FRA), President Scientific Committee: Jean Brunault, Tours (FRA), Vice Presidents: Federica Mormando, Milan (ITA), Jean-Jacques Bertschi, Zurich (SUI); Micheline Abergel, Paris (FRA); Véronique Gaillard, Montpellier (FRA).

Eurotalent Elections 2014-2015 9 février 2014 0

At its General Assembly of February 2014 in Paris, the Federation Eurotalent has elected the Executive Committee for 2014 and 2015: President: Jean-Jacques Bertschi, Zurich (SUI), Secretary General:  Mohammed Derghal, Strasbourg (FRA), Treasurer: Maurice Abergel, Paris (FRA), Scientific Committee: Jean Brunault, Tours (FRA), Vice Presidents : Federica Mormando, Milan(ITA). Juan Antonio Alonso, Valladolid (ESP), Micheline Abergel, Paris (FRA). Have been appointed vice presidents by merit: Dmitry Ushakov, Moscow (RUS), Jean-Charles Terrassier, Nice (FRA), Grigori Tomski, Romilly-sur-Seine (FRA).

Activities 2014 of Eurotalent 0

Increase the rate of « Newsletters » with contributions from members across Europe (followed by direct contacts between those interested). Several supplements and « Growth » of our website  www.eurotalent.org, including more news and enlarging the protected section for members. This allows them to go for synergies and direct contacts with fellow organizations. In addition to this, presence and active participation in the circle of INGOs of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Address fundamental topics of interest in the scientific council. As a new main topic: the integration of young gifted individuals in the world of labour and economy. Finally: start the first preparations for the World Congress 2015 in Odense (DEN).